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Foshan City, Shiwan Yulong Ceramic Co., Ltd. is a professional production of &ldquo color flower; ” modern ceramic enterprise senior art ceramic mosaic, with strong product development and design ability and many years of production experience, independent research and development of superior product performance, leading to similar products in the industry of fashion. Flower color mosaic specifications, color rich and colorful, flexible collocation, can use geometric regular arrangement, and can be assembled according to the color of the gradient, showing the ever-changing effect; products using pure natural raw materials, green environmental protection, no radiation, the pursuit of natural beauty; wear non slip and compressive performance is excellent, has been widely used in the kitchen, bathroom and other non slip performance requirements of high places. Because of the diversity of product color specifications, can give the space for all types of personalized fashion colors, mosaic is also applied to various places backdrop, hall, bedroom, corridor, KTV, swimming pool, water garden decoration etc.. Flower color mosaic rather artistic expression is a space personalized fashion, giving a strong three-dimensional space, strong visual impact, provides a broad space to play for consumers and designers, has become the most fashionable decoration materials.

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